How to Prevent Tuberculosis Epic and Diseases
Tuberculosis history shows that the disease is the second ultimate killer in the world. However, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), the condition is entirely preventable and curable. For instance, according to the organization, the incidences of tuberculosis in Australia are rare due to the increased awareness of the disease and the precautionary measures in the Country.Therefore, for you to avoid getting infected with this contagious disease, you must take the following precautionary measures seriously.

  1. Ensure your children get the BCG vaccineThe biggest mistake that many parents make in the world is to ignore the importance of taking their children to health centres to get a BCG vaccine. This is primarily for the parents who give birth at home.Therefore, people who are in high TB risk areas must always ensure their children get the vaccine to prevent the infection.
  2. Ensure you aren’t exposed to people with active TBAs seen earlier, many people get infected with the TB bacteria after getting into contact with an infected person. Therefore, if you suspect that a person has an active TB and not treated, then take caution when near that person.
  3. Ensure your lifestyle is healthySome lifestyles are recommended as they help one to stay free from getting infected with TB bacteria. These include;- Abstaining from alcohol and cigarette consumption- Taking a balanced diet- Getting adequate sleep- Exercising- Observing personal hygiene​ Bottom line
    Even though many people may think that TB is a disease of the past, everyone must take the necessary precautions to prevent contracting the disease, as it’s still a killer disease in many countries. Therefore, always ensure you have a healthy lifestyle, be extra careful when closer to people with active TB, and finally and not he least, ensure your children get the BCG vaccination

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