Isolation from others

Those with active type are supposed to stay at home while undergoing their treatment. They should at all not go to work, school, or even attempt to sleep with others in one room.

Wearing protective masks

Sufferers are ever advised to wear surgical masks when out there around other people. These masks are meant to lessen the transmission of the risk.

Ventilating living rooms

Sufferers of this disease are advised to stay in rooms that are properly ventilated to allow proper air circulation. It has been discovered that TB germs easily spread in closed space since there is no sufficient circulation of air.

Seek immediate medication

People in the past had fear being noticed by this disease, but then, this should be something of the past and once you notice some symptoms, it’s better to seek immediate checkups if they note the first sign of tuberculosis and cured if diagnosed with the disease.

Finish your course of medication

The entire tuberculosis care medication course normally lasts for about six months. Patients should always ensure they finish the entire course so as they can be relieved from this pandemic. In case you happen to be skipping doses or even stopping medication can lead to mutation of bacteria since they will develop the capability of surviving most potent TB drugs.